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    Income Planning

    Where will your retirement money come from? If you’re like most people, qualified retirement plans, Social Security, personal savings and investments are expected to play a role. Once you have estimated the amount of money you may need for retirement, a sound approach involves taking a close look at your potential retirement income sources.

    Making sure your assets can generate the retirement income stream you need today and keep up with the rising cost of living that inflation pressures can exert requires professional planning.

    Which income streams do you have control over?

    An income plan involves a well thought out plan to evaluate your special needs concerning:

    Roberts Wealth Management can help you to develop an income plan that that is designed to ensure your assets can go the distance in retirement. To turn your savings into a secure and reliable income stream, you must strategize when and how to withdraw from your retirement savings. We will work with you to:

    Our simple no-obligation 3-Step Review is a great way of helping you to determine if your current strategies match up with your plans for today and for your future.


    Financial Planning

    Financial planning is the long-term process of managing your finances to work towards your
    goals and dreams, while at the same time negotiating the financial barriers that inevitably arise in
    every stage of life. Remember, that financial planning is a process, not just another product.

    Our 3-Step Review considers:

    Preparing an executable financial plan allows you to:

    A financial plan is important for laying the groundwork for a strong financial foundation for you and your family. You have worked hard to earn, save and grow your current assets. Your family deserves to enjoy what you have attained with the peace of mind that it will be there for you when you need it.

    We will meet with you routinely to help ensure that you are on target to meeting your goals. We will also
    work with you to adapt your financial plan to your changing needs over time.

    Our simple no-obligation 3-Step Review is a great way of helping you to develop a Financial Plan that will match up with your plans for today and for your future.

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    Retirement Planning

    Retirement planning is not just for the wealthy. Traditional retirement plans move growth-seeking products to more conservative, fixed-income products as retirement nears. This may have worked fine back when retirement planning efforts had to encompass only an expected 5 to 10 years in retirement.

    All too often, retirees are approached by a stock broker, insurance salesmen, banker or other non-fiduciary to assist them in their retirement. These efforts typically boil down to a strategy to make the client money. The retirement plan, therefore, becomes a strategy to make as much money as possible. These so-called retirement plans typically fail to take into account the retiree’s financial goals, challenges and opportunities.

    Each financial product has a place and a specific purpose where it may fit properly into someone's retirement planning, but without a complete review of your personal situation, income needs, tax situation, long-term care needs and estate and charitable desires, no one can or should have an opinion on whether a specific product is right for you. It is the discovery of your true needs and desires that is the first step you should take, not the popularity of products that historically many people have made as their first step.

    Retirement planning these days, however, must encompass a much broader timeframe as people are living longer. Thanks to new prescription drugs and medical technology, it’s not unusual for someone retiring in their 60's to live to age 90 or longer. Your retirement planning efforts may need to account for your nest egg lasting potentially 25 to 30 years, or more. 

    One drawback to a longer life is the greater possibility of outliving your savings – creating all the more reason for proper retirement planning, designed to last a longer lifetime. 

    Retirement planning today should account for the possibility of a significant loss in the years just prior to and/or just after you retire, which could have a damaging impact on the level of income you receive over the course of your life. Retirement planning efforts are typically less concerned with a loss occurring earlier in life, as there is the chance that you have more time to recover (versus a significant loss occurring later in retirement). Why? Simply because a smaller pool of assets is left to sustain you throughout your retirement years. 

    Roberts Wealth Management can help you design a retirement plan with sustainable income, incorporating insurance and annuity vehicles to create opportunities for long-term growth as well as guarantee income throughout your retirement.

    Our simple no-obligation 3-Step Review is a great way of helping you to determine if your current strategies match up with your plans for today and for your future.

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    Strategies for Financial Independence

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